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The Most Efficient Wearable Heaters Ever Engineered.
Plug and Play Design
Compatible With All Your Outwears
Keeps You Warm
The Most Efficient Wearable Heaters Ever Engineered.
Plug and Play Design
Compatible With All Your Outwears
Keeps You Warm


Thermal-Era has patented heating technology which uses battery power efficiently. The core heating technology of Thermal-Era has been engineered since 2011 by talented material scientists. The heating technology proved its performance in aerospace and automotive industries. Now it is presented for your comfort.


Thermal-Era generates heat when powered with battery. Thanks to its spatial heating technology, it has double the heating performance of carbon fiber counterparts.


Thermal-Era reflects most of the heat emitted from your body and keeps you warm even without powering.

The Features of Thermal-Era Plug and Play Heater


Thermal Era have a 10000 MAh power bank and perform up to 10 hours. You can also use your own power bank.


Thermal Era is compatible with all your outwears . You don’t need to buy a new one. Make your favoured outwears heated.


Special design of Thermal Era prevents over heating. Heaters are not in touch with your body, so it can not burn or you can not get electric shock.


Thermal era plug and play heaters have 1 year warranty.


Thermal Era has been tested in extreme conditions by professionals, skiers, hunters and soldiers.


Thermal era has 3 temperature settings for your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thermal-Era has cutting edge heating technology which makes Thermal-Era the most efficient heated product. We don’t use carbon fiber of metallic alloys for heating. Our patented technology has been used in aerospace and automotive industries due to its superior performance over any other heating technology. Now we transform our knowledge to winter wear. We guarantee that, Thermal-Era doubles the heating performance of carbon fiber and metallic alloy based counterparts.
Our special design prevents overheating. The heaters are engineered to reach maximum 60 oC. There is also a control circuit that shuts the battery off in case of overheating.
Our heaters are coated with an electrically insulating layer. In addition, it works with only 5V which is too low for a human to get an electric shock.
Thermal Era plug and play heaters can be washed gently with hand washing. Don’t forget to remove battery before washing. Do not use the heater until it is completely dry. The battery is not waterproof. In case of your battery get wet, disconnect the battery from the plug and play heater and let the battery dry. Do not use the battery until it is completely dry.
If your power bank or battery is 5V and 2A, you can use it to power Thermal-Era plug and play heater. You should note that the capacity of your power bank or battery will decide the heating time of the Thermal-Era plug and play heater. For your safety, we recommend to use certificated power banks for not only Thermal-Era products but also any other purposes.
All Thermal-Era heated product has 1-year warranty which covers the problems caused from manufacturing. The warranty includes battery (if bought from us), charger (if bought from us), and heaters. If you have any questions and warranty claims feel free to contact us via The warranty does not cover the problems resulted from the misuse which are damage or wear due to improper operations, machine washing, and third part repairs. You have chance to return all Thermal-Era heated products within 30 days starting from the day you receive it. Be sure that the return product must be unused and the same condition that you receive it. It must be return in original packaging as well. If the return product is not the same with its original conditions, used, damaged or has missing parts, you will get partial refund. We also need the receipt or any proof of the purchase to complete your refund. Please, note that any return cost must be held by you. Once your refund request is approved, you will get the refund within 30 days. If you have any questions and change or refund request fell free to contact us via